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Free Form to Request Hamilton County TX ALR Hearing Request

Save your license! If you are arrested for DWI, you must take action to protect your license, Avoid a DWI License Suspension! {county} citizens deserve the chance to protect their license when arrested for DWI. An ALR request is critical if less than 15 days have passed since your arrest.

Best drivers car of the year 2013

More than 100 million Americans drive to work every day, and millions more are using their cars to accomplish everyday tasks. For most, daily driving is a dreaded activity filled with honking horns, wasted time, traffic and big gas bills every month. To lessen the blow, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest daily-driver options now available, from cars with awesome infotainment systems to hybrids that offer relief at the pump. Click through these 2013 models and prepare to rack up those inevitable daily miles with a smile on your face. Continue reading