A extremely experienced lawyer dedicated to creating solutions to your problems. If you have been criminally charged for allegedly driving beneath the influence, it’s vastly essential that you do not hesitate to work with an aggressive Houston DWI legal professional which you could count on.


When going through the opportunity of a DWI , you need DWI Expert Attorney in Northlake to be confident that you’re doing all the things you probably can to guard your self towards the potential penalties That is nothing to take evenly.

Your entire future is on the line and that you must do every thing doable to construct an effective protection.

On Texas highways, there are signs that learn: DWI – You Cannot Afford It.” True: if convicted, a primary offender will resist $2,000 in fines, up to six months in county jail, driver’s license suspension, and different penalties.

The penalties increase dramatically for repeat offenders. Make no mistake, the MADD organization and the Texas legislature are out to catch drunk drivers with a wide internet. We see No Refusal Weekends becoming more prevalent with mandatory blood exams for suspicion of intoxicated driving. With the help of experienced Fort Worth DWI attorneys, you could possibly avoid or decrease penalties.

Getting a DWI (Driving Whereas Intoxicated) is critical! You could take it critically – so should your lawyer.

Even a conviction for a primary-time DWI can carry critical penalties, not the least of which is $1,000 or more per year for 3 years just to maintain your driver’s license. A DWI is a serious cost that carries a harsh life influence, and facing the prison justice system will be intimidating. Accepting DWI prices can lead to heavy fines, years of increased insurance charges, many hours of drunk driving school, and community service.

Regardless, if a breath specimen is supplied by an individual and that pattern is over the legal restrict of08, the state enjoys the benefit of additional evidence they may not have had. There are events where a breath pattern result yields an amount of less than08. It’s still within the discretion of the police officer to go ahead with the DWI charge based on their investigation and the evidence they’ve noticed. Admissions to ingesting or drug use, open containers or drug paraphernalia in plain view and even the odor of alcohol or marijuana to name a couple of.


We perceive that your License, your Job and your Freedom are vital to you and we will struggle to help save your License, Job and Freedom. Being charged with a DWI in Texas doesn’t mean that you are responsible of drunk driving. You are simply accused. Once more, these clues” are often skilled equally by a sober person and our Fort Price DWI attorneys spotlight that point to a jury.

An skilled lawyer, Doug Atkinson acknowledges the cruel penalties and devastating effects associated with DWI. He fights aggressively to protect his purchasers and their authorized rights. Since 1998, he has successfully defended lots of of shoppers charged with DWI, together with these with excessive breath or blood alcohol check results, and he might be able to do the same for you.