Here is how to avoid a DWI Arrest in Texas

Here are five simple steps that you can follow to help avoid a DWI arrest: First of all, do not give the cops any reason to look twice at your car.

Stay out of the fast lane, use your signals, and make sure that your car is in perfect working order.

All of the lights on the vehicle need to be in working order and must be turned on at night. That means that there should be no burnt out lights in the vehicle’s front or back or even the third break light.

There should be no tinted car windows where they don’t belong.

Drive like an old lady.

Don’t change your lane. When you must be sure to use turn indicator before the beginning change. If turning a corner, use turn indicator 100 feet before you begin a turn. 

Keep speed at or slightly below the speed limit.

True, we could win a case that has been brought due to an unsubstantiated stop by the police. But, it is not worth the risk so don’t invite it to occur.

Also, make sure that the car registration is current and the tag/sticker is fixed in the proper location. They can follow you until they see what they determine to be a vehicle code violation, however minor; then they can stop you.

A second thing to remember is that bars generally close at 2:00 a.m. and the cops know it.

Stay off the road from 1:30 to 2:30-ish in the morning! When you exit a bar, leave early, or leave your car. Cops wait in their cars outside of bars and restaurants at closing time hoping to make a DWI arrest.

Leaving a bar during this time is an invitation to be stopped for a DWI investigation.

Also, on the freeway, the DPS can interpret normal driving behavior as “suspicious” and possibly a DWI simply because it is around 2:00 a.m. If you are having trouble controlling car or fighting fatigue, pull over and call taxi immediately.

Lock car with keys inside and walk away a distance to call the taxi.

Avoid staff at the store, because many think it’s cool to call the cops to arrest you.


These cases have made me a much more careful driver, even though I don’t drink and drive Third, if you do get stopped, don’t admit to anything. In fact, the less you say, the better.

Cops will ask you a lot of questions. Every one of those questions is designed to incriminate you. You have the right to remain silent; use it.

Tell the cops that you have an attorney friend who advised you not to talk to police or answer their questions.

Be nice and polite but firm that you will give the cop your name, license, and insurance but not answer any questions.

Pay attention, nod head to show you heard and understood, but don’t say anything.

Every question the cops ask, from how many have you had to where you are going, is asked for a reason, and it is not to help you!

Don’t talk to the police about anything! 

Fourth, field sobriety tests are voluntary!

Don’t do them. Field sobriety tests are designed to make you fail.

Tell the cop that you have heard that the field sobriety tests are flawed and unreliable. Elect not to participate in a dog and pony show on the side of the road.

You don’t have to do field sobriety tests.

Fifth, do not voluntarily take any alcohol test!

Let us be very careful here; remember that you must submit to a blood ONLY if the Police get a warrant authorizing the blood test.

Blood test results are not immediately available to the cops, leading to more honest reports. 

Also, blood testing is more complicated to interpret than a breath test, requiring scientific analysis by a lab, thus allowing for more areas of attack.

A blood test also allows your attorney to conduct a more complete analysis of the sample, which the crime lab will not do for you.

DWI cases are not simple matters like a traffic ticket. DWIs are some of the most complicated criminal matters that exist.

Hiring a DWI defense attorney is money well spent

Once you hire an Expert DWI Defense Attorney, your stress level will go down; the outcome of your case will improve; and you will likely save more money than the attorney will charge. So, you must hire a skilled and knowledgeable DWI defense attorney to properly protect you.


Detailed Video on What is DWI Law in Texas

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