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Selecting an experienced COPPELL DWI Attorney is critical to your future!


An experienced DBeaty_Law_firm_Call_NowWI Attorney offers you benefits that have real value to you. An expert DWI attorney has strategies that provide several tangible benefits, including:


DWI arrests involve complex issues that are only partially discussed here. An Expert  DWI Attorney has mastered this complexity, so you don’t need to, but the following is an explanation of the basic evaluation considerations for DWI. Below are some typical DWI defense strategies used by COPPELL, TX attorneys. Additional Reference.

What are the very best DWI defense techniques?

Reliable DWI defense techniques begin with full disclosure between offender and his/her DWI attorney. Every case and conviction is special and should never ever be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. Being 100% truthful with your DWI lawyer is the only way he or she can defend you to the maximum degree of the law. The first strategy is to manage legal costs to keep costs low while assuring expert, aggressive DWI defense. 

Legal Costs and Fees for your budget

How can an Expert DWI Attorney manage legal fees so they fit my budget? A COPPELL DWI arrest is expensive with the bail bond, towing and other costs, so legal fees are a concern for most of my clients. WE GUARANTEE BEST FEE AVAILABLE FROM EXPERT DWI ATTORNEY. We offer the most cost-effective defense available in COPPELL – or the county for that matter.

If you prefer an Attorney with an expensive office [that you pay for] and wish to travel to that office every time you have a question, we probably aren’t for you. I have been doing this for a long time and have developed a lean process designed for aggressive, effective DWI defense that saves you time and money. Fees are set as a fixed sum with these options:

  • FREE ALR request: no requirement that you purchase any other services.
  • The total fee for clients who know they will want hearings and a trial when you can’t suffer a DWI conviction. Most want an evaluation of their chances before deciding on trial
  • Texas_DWI_Attorney_OnlineFee for limited services that are selected by most of my clients
    • Case Evaluation of chances for successful dismissal, reduction or trial
    • Advise you on your options and help you decide how to proceed
    • Do ALR hearing and Occupational License if DPS suspends your license
    • Recommend DWI education to prepare for fight or guilty plea
    • If you decide to plead guilty, negotiate the Best Deal Possible
  • Optional services, if client decides they want to fight the case in these ways
    • Motion to Suppress or other pretrial hearings seeking dismissal
    • Limited trial preparation seeking reduction of DWI
    • Trial fee-seeking acquittal
  • Payment options
    • Single payment with 10% reduction
    • Payment plan that works with your budget

Attorney fees are related to the time an Attorney needs to spend on your case for effective, aggressive DWI defense. The time includes actual legal work, court appearances and the cost of administrative tasks, such as phone calls, emails, and other necessary tasks. Some of the administration can be delegated to a legal assistant, but not all. You want to know that your attorney is managing your case, including these administrative functions. You want an attorney who will review the police reports to find the way to get a dismissal or other favorable resolution.

We Don’t disrupt your schedule any more than necessary

Your time is valuable.

  • Why travel and wait for an attorney to see you?
  • Why spend time in the waiting room filling out forms that we offer online, so you do them nights, weekends at your convenience?

We offer the following benefits:

  • Avoid office conferences that demand your time
  • Avoid you appearing in court-let attorney do it.
  • Gather information with online forms when convenient to you
  • Use phone calls for 1-1 communication, even 5- 6 pm
  • Exchange routine questions and information by email

Keep You Driving Legally

The ALR request and hearing seeks to save your license. The police may take your license, but their actions are not a suspension. Even though they have your license, it is still valid, unless you fail to request an ALR hearing within 15 days after the arrest. If not, your license is automatically suspended.

The ALR hearing forces DPS to reveal the police reports that they say justify you being stopped and arrested. Since this almost happens before the criminal case begins, these reports give valuable insight into the case against you. Usually, these reports are the only evidence offered by DPS, so if they aren’t done properly or show that the police actions were not legally justified, you keep your license.

Even if DPS is successful in getting you suspended, we arrange for you to have an Occupational License so that you continue driving legally.   

The BEST Result is Dismissal of the DWI

What if there are civil ideal offenses that could lead to termination of the case versus you? Dismissal is possible when the arrest has violations of your civil or legal rights–

  • Was the cops contact with you legal?
  • Was your arrest lawfully warranted?
  • Were you treated unfairly?

Violation of your Miranda rights

  • Were your rights explained to you correctly?
  • Did you request legal representation and was it supplied or denied? Unfortunately, your right to Miranda rights don’t kick in after the police have discovered so much evidence that Miranda is usually not helpful.

Field sobriety screening errors are sometimes very important

Was a cam on your activities 100% of the time?

  • Did the officer really comply with the correct standardized procedures?
  • Did these tests give you a sporting chance?

Faulty COPPELL law enforcement protocol in other ways can result in dismissal

  • The number of officers existed?
  • Were any blood or urine samples contaminated?

Reduction of the DWI

texas-dwi-defense-attorney-online-beaty-lawfirmIf a reduction of your DWI to a lesser charge, you benefit in these ways:

  • You don’t face the risk of trial that might result in conviction
  • You avoid a permanent DWI conviction on your record
  • You don’t pay the Surcharge that is at least 1000 per year for 3 years
  • If the reduction is a deferred sentence, you can hide the conviction later

The disadvantages of reducing the charge are:

  • You must perform the same conditions of probation as a DWI
  • You give up your right to a trial that might result in acquittal

Since the State will not agree to a reduction unless the case has problems for them so they might lose the trial, it is not often available. The “problems” for the State that can result in their willingness to reduce the charge can be questions about the legality of the detention or arrest (discussed below) or a weak case that could result in an acquittal at trial. It is never offered until the State is forced to look closely at the case preparing for trial. I always urge my clients to accept a reduction, since the risk of conviction always exists, no matter how good the case looks for you.


These are elaborate legal theories and law, so you need to know how these apply to your case. Only an experienced DWI attorney can analyze your situation to figure how these rules apply. Most importantly, an expert DWI attorney can find the mistakes that police make, which might result in a winning case. Don’t take the chance that your case is a winner. Consult an experienced DWI attorney today!