{If you have|When you have|In case you have|When you’ve got|If in case you have|You probably have} been arrested for DWI or {any other|another|some other|every other} intoxicant-{related|associated} case, {I will|I’ll} {help|assist} {you the same|you a similar|you an identical} {way|method|means|approach|manner} that {I would|I might|I’d} {help|assist} a {family member|member of the family} or {a close|an in depth|a detailed} {friend|good friend|pal|buddy}.

This {only|solely} represents {a couple of|a few} the steps {in the|within the} {process of|means of|strategy of|technique of} {law|regulation|legislation} {regarding|relating to|concerning} the matter. As {you can|you’ll be able to|you possibly can|you may} see, {without|with out} {the help|the assistance} of an {experienced|skilled} {attorney|lawyer|legal professional}, {it is|it’s} {highly|extremely} {likely|doubtless|probably|possible|seemingly} {you will|you’ll} not know {how to|the way to|tips on how to|methods to|easy methods to|the right way to|how you can|find out how to|how one can|the best way to|learn how to} proceed in {the most effective|the simplest|the best} {way to|method to|approach to|solution to|strategy to|option to|technique to} get {the results|the outcomes} you hope for. At Butler {Law|Regulation|Legislation} {office|workplace}, Mr. Butler is an {experienced|skilled} {attorney|lawyer|legal professional} in Houston that understands the complexities of the {criminal|felony|legal|prison} {charge|cost} of DWI.

Mr. Butler’s {law|regulation|legislation} {firm|agency} has defended {hundreds|lots of|tons of|a whole lot|a whole bunch} {of people|of individuals} charged with this crime. His {firm|agency} will take {you through|you thru} {the process|the method} {step by step|step-by-step} and {keep|maintain|hold|preserve} you {well|properly|nicely|effectively} {informed|knowledgeable} {along|alongside} {the way|the best way|the way in which}. His {office|workplace} will {serve as|function} a counselor {to help you|that will help you|that can assist you} {understand|perceive} {the process|the method} {along|alongside} its {sometimes|typically|generally} {long|lengthy} and upsetting path. As {well|properly|nicely|effectively}, this {firm|agency} will {make sure|ensure|make certain|be sure|ensure that|be certain that|make sure that|be sure that|be certain} your rights are {fully|absolutely|totally} protected.


Having a DWI {on your|in your} {record|document|report|file} is a {serious|critical|severe} {charge|cost} that carries {serious|critical|severe} {long|lengthy}-{term|time period} penalties {such as|similar to|corresponding to|comparable to|akin to|reminiscent of|resembling|equivalent to} heavy fines, years of {increased|elevated} {insurance|insurance coverage} {rates|charges}, and hours of drunk driving {school|faculty|college}, and {community|group|neighborhood} service. {Don’t|Do not} face the {criminal|felony|legal|prison} justice system alone. The {minimum|minimal} {amount|quantity} of jail time in Texas for driving {while|whereas} intoxicated is {72|seventy two} hours, {unless|until|except} {there is|there’s|there may be} an open container of alcohol {in the|within the} {person|individual|particular person}’s possession, {in which|by which|during which|through which|wherein} case the jail time is {at least|a minimum of|no less than|at the least|at the very least|not less than} six days. Consuming any {amount|quantity} of alcohol {while|whereas} {operating|working} a {motor vehicle|motorcar|motorized vehicle} {also is|is also} an offense in Texas.

We serve {clients|shoppers|purchasers} {throughout|all through} Texas {including|together with} {those|these} {in the|within the} following localities: Collin County {including|together with} Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Murphy, Plano, Princeton, and Wylie; Dallas County {including|together with} Carrollton, Dallas, Garland, and Irving; Denton County {including|together with} Denton and Lewisville; Fannin County {including|together with} Bonham; Grayson County {including|together with} Denison and Sherman; Hunt County {including|together with} Greenville and Quinlan; and Rockwall County {including|together with} Rockwall and Royse {City|Metropolis}.


{If you are|In case you are|If you’re} {like the|just like the} {vast majority|overwhelming majority} of {those who|those that} get arrested for DWI, {this is|that is} the {ONLY|SOLELY} {way|method|means|approach|manner} {that you would|that you’d} ever have come into contact with the {criminal|felony|legal|prison} justice system. {Only|Solely} {because|as a result of|as a result of} Texas DWI {laws|legal guidelines} exist, do {many people|many individuals} who would {never|by no means} dream of breaking the {law|regulation|legislation} {find|discover} themselves arrested, photographed, fingerprinted, {and generally|and usually|and customarily} {treated|handled} like criminals.” {This is|That is} {serious|critical|severe} {business|enterprise}. And {once you have|after you have|upon getting|after getting} posted your bond, {the whole|the entire} {process|course of} {is really|is basically|is actually|is absolutely|is admittedly|is de facto} {just|simply} {beginning|starting}.

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{If you are|In case you are|If you’re} arrested for DWI in Texas, {you could|you can|you would|you may|you might|you possibly can|you could possibly} {receive|obtain} a license suspension of {90|ninety} days {up to|as much as} two years. {If you are|In case you are|If you’re} a {commercial|business|industrial} driver, a breath {test|check|take a look at} refusal or failure {could|might|may} {result in|end in|lead to} an {automatic|automated|computerized} one {year|yr|12 months} disqualification of your {Commercial|Business|Industrial} Driver’s License.

The arresting officer {may {DWI Expert Attorney in {DentonCity}|DWI Expert Attorney in {DentonCity}}|might {DentonCity} DWI Expert Attorney|could {DWI Expert {DentonCity} Attorney} take your Texas driver license and {issue|problem|concern|situation|challenge|difficulty|subject} you {a temporary|a short lived|a brief} driving {permit|allow} and a {Notice|Discover} of Suspension. If {you do not|you don’t} request a {hearing|listening to} to contest your drivers license suspension {within|inside} 15 days, your drivers license will {automatically|mechanically|routinely|robotically} be suspended {40|forty} days after your arrest.


Over the course of his {career|profession}, Chad has {handled|dealt with} {numerous|quite a few} trials as a prosecutor and a {criminal|felony|legal|prison} {defense|protection} {attorney|lawyer|legal professional}. {Experience|Expertise} has taught him that no two {cases|instances|circumstances} are {identical|similar|equivalent|an identical}, even when {the charges|the fees|the costs} are {the same|the identical}.

{At the|On the} Martinez Houston DWI {law|regulation|legislation} {offices|workplaces|places of work}, {we have|we now have|we’ve|we have now|we’ve got|now we have} the {experience|expertise} and {training|coaching} {to make sure|to ensure|to verify} your rights are protected {and you have|and you’ve got} {the best|one of the best|the most effective|the perfect|the very best} {chance|probability|likelihood} of success. Contact us {to speak|to talk} with Mr. Martinez, a Houston DWI lawyer, {today|right now|at present|at this time|as we speak|at the moment|in the present day|immediately|right this moment} and {discuss|talk about|focus on} {the details|the small print|the main points} of your case over a free {consultation|session}.