DWI & Texas Driver’s License Suspension


Only 15 days after arrest to request a {NeTxCity} ALR Hearing.

{NeTxCity} DWI Attorney offers Free ALR Hearing Form to {Get|Arrange|Request|Demand|Seek} an to {Avoid|Prevent} an Automatic DWI License Suspension.

This FREE assistance is provided to help you protect your license.

If {less|fewer} than 15 days have passed since your arrest in {NeTxCity}, you are entitled to {request|demand|seek} an ALR hearing. For the reasons {spelled out|discussed|made clear} below, it is {critical|very important|vital} that you {request|demand|seek} a hearing

We will prepare your {{request|demand|seek}|demand|seek} an ALR hearing at NO COST or obligation to you. If more than 15 days have passed, consider a restricted license (ODL).

This information is provided to you by an experienced DWI attorney who has been a law journal editor, US Attorney (USAF JAG) and Texas State Associate Judge because few citizens have had time to hire a lawyer in the first 15 days after the arrest.

ALR Hearing Questions

What is an ALR Hearing?
An Administrative License {Revocation|Suspension} or ALR is an administrative {process|procedure} by which {an individual|a person} who is {arrested|apprehended|detained|jailed} for {driving|operating} while {intoxicated|inebriated} or another intoxication-related offense {seeks|looks for} to prevent {his or her|his/her} {driver|chauffeur|motorist}’s license from being suspended. A suspension can {occur|happen|take place} from either {a refusal|a rejection} to submit to a blood or breath test or by {providing|offering|supplying} a specimen that {results in|leads to} a 0.08 or {greater|higher} blood alcohol concentration.

{What|Exactly what} is an ALR Hearing?

An ALR hearing is a hearing that is {held|occurs} with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who {listens to|pays attention to} the {evidence|proof} {in the case|in the event}. DPS has the burden of proof in an ALR hearing. The {driver|chauffeur|motorist} can {attack|challenge} DPS’s case by {presenting|providing} any legal {issues|problems|concerns} that {may|might} exist. Unlike the criminal case, which {must|should|need to} be {proven|shown} beyond {a reasonable|a sensible} doubt, the burden of proof in an ALR hearing is {only|just}{preponderance|sufficient|adequate} of {evidence|proof}.

Your License is not Yet Suspended.

You {need to|have to} {know|understand} that your license {has not|has not actually} been suspended at the time of arrest. {Since|Because|Considering that|Given that} the {police|authorities|cops} took your license, it appears that it {has|has actually} been suspended, {but|however} it is not. {However|Nevertheless}, to {avoid|prevent} suspension, you {must|should|need to} {{request|demand|seek}|ask for} an Administrative License {Revocation|Cancellation} (ALR) hearing within 15 days of when you were served with {a Notice|a Notification} of Suspension ({usually|typically|normally|generally} the date of arrest). If you {timely|prompt} {{request|demand|seek}ed|asked for} a hearing to contest your license suspension, you will {be able to|have the ability to} continue {driving|operating} {until|up until|till} the hearing [or longer. If you lose at the hearing, you can not {drive|operate} after the hearing. If your license is suspended at the hearing, you {may|might} {be able to|have the ability to} {secure|protect} {restricted|limited} license, {known as|referred to as|called} an occupational license to {drive|operate} {legally|lawfully}.

How to Win an ALR Hearing

  1. Delay Suspension Your license suspension does not {go into|enter into} {effect|impact|result} {until|up until|till} the ALR hearing {decision|choice} {ruling|judgment} {is against|protests} you. {Therefore|For that reason}, {instead|rather} of having 40 days to {drive|operate} on the {temporary|short-term|momentary|short-lived} license, you {may|might} have {several|a number of|numerous} months where you are {driving|operating} without {restriction|limitation|constraint}. If the judge {rules|guidelines} in your favor, no administrative suspension will {occur|happen|take place}. There is the possibility of a conviction suspension.
  2. Arrange Temporary License {Most|Many|A lot of|The majority of} {experienced|skilled|knowledgeable} {attorneys|lawyers} will have a petition for occupational license prepared so that you can {obtain|acquire|get} an Occupational License as {soon|quickly} as possible if the ALR {decision|choice} is rendered {against|versus} you. To {avoid|prevent} suffering {a long period|an extended period} of suspension after a hearing, it is well to prepare the ODL, so it can be {filed|submitted} {promptly|quickly|immediately|without delay} after the hearing.
  3. Cross Exam Arresting Officer {Many|Numerous|Lots of} hearings are held {solely|entirely|exclusively} on the {police|authorities|cops} report, {because|since|due to the fact that} you win if the {police|authorities|cops} did not {adequately|properly|sufficiently|effectively} {document|record} the {evidence|proof} {needed|required} for DPS to win. If the officer {attends|goes to|participates in} the hearing, they can {cure|treat} the {deficiency|shortage} with their {testimony|statement|testament}, {denying|rejecting} defense the win that was possible {only|just} with the {inadequate|insufficient} {police|authorities|cops} report.

Your {attorney|lawyer|legal representative} {might|may} subpoena the {arresting|apprehending|detaining} officer to {show up|appear} at the hearing. This is {done for|provided for} {different|various} {reasons|factors}. If the {police|authorities|cops} report is {adequate|sufficient|appropriate} for DPS to win, then it {might|may} be {worthwhile|beneficial|rewarding} to subpoena the officer, hoping their {absence|lack} will {allow|enable|permit} a defense win. {Also|Likewise}, if a trial of the DWI case is being {considered|thought about}, the ALR hearing {allows|enables|permits} the officer to be {examined|analyzed|taken a look at} under oath, {hoping to|wishing to|intending to|wanting to} {discover|find} {information|info|details} that will {be useful|work} in trial. Your {attorney|lawyer|legal representative} will {be able to|have the ability to} cross-examine the officer {shows up|appears} that the ALR hearings. This {provides|offers|supplies} us with a discovery {opportunity|chance} to question the officer who {arrested|apprehended|detained|jailed} you. There are {a number of|a variety of} {advantages|benefits} to doing this. Chief {among|amongst} them is {the fact that|that} we {are able to|have the ability to} cross-examine officers without the {presence|existence} of a criminal {prosecutor|district attorney} to {redirect|reroute} them or prepare them.
RISK: Police Get to Supplement their report. Some {lawyers|attorneys|legal representatives} consider this {smart|wise|clever}, even if it {results in|leads to} loss of an otherwise winnable ALR hearing. My {preference|choice} is to take a win if I can get it and {only|just} subpoena the officer if the {situation|circumstance|scenario} is desperate or the officer’s {testimony|statement|testament} is {critical|crucial|vital|important} to trial preparation. The {extra|additional} {expense|cost|expenditure} and {trouble|difficulty|problem} {isn’t|isn’t really} worth it otherwise.
Your {attorney|lawyer|legal representative} will {obtain|acquire|get} any non-privileged discovery, such as the offense reports prior to the hearing.

{What|Exactly what} is The Texas ALR Process

The {Driver|Chauffeur|Motorist} is asked to {take a breath|breathe} or blood test to {measure|determine} his/her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. The {driver|chauffeur|motorist} is served a “{notice|notification} of suspension” that his/her {driver|chauffeur|motorist} license will be suspended because of {a refusal|a rejection} to take or failure of the field sobriety test. The {individual|private|specific} then has 15 days from the date the suspension {notice|notification} is served to “{{request|demand|seek}|ask for} an ALR hearing.”

  • The {law enforcement|police} officer will take the {individual|person}’s {driver|chauffeur|motorist} license and {issue|provide|release} {a temporary|a short-term|a momentary|a short-lived} {driving|operating} {permit|license|authorization}.
  • A $125 Reinstatement {Fee|Charge|Cost} is {required|needed} prior to the renewal or issuance of {a driver|a chauffeur|a motorist} license.
  • $10 for each year of temporary license
  • You {may|might} be {required|needed} to take a course or other type of rehab.

{Importance|Significance|Value} of Your “{Notice|Notification} of Suspension”

The {notice|notification} of suspension {doubles as|functions as} your “{temporary|short-term|momentary|short-lived} {driving|operating} {permit|license|authorization}.” It is {marked|significant} “DIC-25” and written in the upper right-hand corner. The bottom of your {notice|notification} {explains|discusses|describes} {how to|ways to|the best ways to} {{request|demand|seek}|ask for} an ALR hearing. It {is valid|stands} {driver|chauffeur|motorist}’s license {until|up until|till} either 40 days after arrest or, if {a timely|a prompt} {{request|demand|seek}|demand} is {made for|produced} an ALR hearing, the hearing {occurs|happens|takes place} and a suspension {occurs|happens|takes place}. If the ALR judge {denies|rejects} the DPS {{request|demand|seek} for|ask for} suspension, your license continues to {be valid|stand}.

What {Happens|Occurs|Takes place} If You Fail to {{request|demand|seek}|Ask for} An ALR Hearing?

If a hearing is not {{request|demand|seek}ed|asked for}, the suspension {goes into|enters into} {effect|impact|result} on the 40th day after the {notice|notification} was served. (This is {usually|typically|normally|generally} 40 days after the arrest.).
{How To|Ways to|The best ways to} {{request|demand|seek}|Ask for} An ALR Hearing?
You or your {lawyer|attorney|legal representative} {may|might} {{request|demand|seek}|ask for} an ALR hearing by calling 800-394-9913 or 512-424-2600 on weekdays {during|throughout} {normal|typical|regular} {business|company|service|organisation} hours. You {may|might} {also|likewise} send your {{request|demand|seek}|demand} {via|through|by means of} fax at 512-424-2650. The {easiest|simplest|most convenient} {way|method} to {{request|demand|seek}|ask for} a hearing is to {take advantage of|benefit from|make the most of} our FREE ALR {{request|demand|seek}|DEMAND}. To do so, {complete|total} our FREE {evaluation|assessment|examination} {form|type|kind} to {provide|offer|supply} us with the {information|info|details} we {need to|have to} make the {{request|demand|seek} for|ask for} you.
In addition to {{request|demand|seeking|asking for} a hearing, your DWI {defense attorney|defense lawyer} {may|might} {{request|demand|seek}|ask for} ALR “discovery” from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). {Documents|Files} {obtained|acquired|gotten} through the discovery {process|procedure} – such as peace officer sworn reports, statutory {warning|caution} {forms|types|kinds} and breath test slips – will {often|frequently|typically} {assist|help} your DWI {defense attorney|defense lawyer} in {successfully|effectively} {defending|protecting|safeguarding} your DWI case.

What Are The {Important|Essential|Crucial} {Information|Info|Details} That Must Be {Disclosed|Revealed|Divulged}?

{Name|Call}, {driver|chauffeur|motorist}’s license number, date of your arrest, county of your arrest, the {police|authorities|cops} {agency|company|firm} that {arrested|apprehended|detained|jailed} you, plus {certain|specific|particular} other {information|info|details} that the clerk {may|might} {require|need}. After you {have|have actually} {hired|employed|worked with} {a lawyer|an attorney|a legal representative}, {make sure|ensure|make certain} that {he or she|she or he} {knows|understands} that you {have|have actually} {{request|demand|seek}ed|asked for} an ALR hearing.

{What|Exactly what} must DPS {prove|show}?

In order to {successfully|effectively} suspend {someone|somebody}’s license, DPS {must|should|needs to} {prove|show} {several|a number of|numerous} {elements|aspects|components} by {a preponderance|a prevalence} of the {evidence|proof} at the hearing.

  • Reasonable Suspicion of Unlawful conduct.

    1. DPS {must|should|need to} {prove|show} that the {arresting|apprehending|detaining|jailing} officer had {reasonable|sensible|affordable} suspicion to stop you
    2. {Reasonable|Sensible|Affordable} suspicion is a low {standard|requirement} that {means|implies|indicates|suggests} the officer had {reasonable|sensible|affordable}, articulable {facts|truths|realities} to {believe|think} criminal activity {had|had actually} {occurred|happened|taken place} or was {likely|most likely} to {occur|happen|take place}.
    3. Also, proof that you {appeared|seemed} to need {help|assistance|rescue} will {work|suffice|be adequate}.
    4. This is the {issue|problem|concern} that {gives|provides|offers} the defense the most wins, {because|since|due to the fact that} {police|authorities|cops} {sometimes|in some cases|often} make stops without legal {justification|reason|validation}.

2. Legal justification to Arrest

Then, DPS {must|should|needs to} {prove|show} that the officer had {probable|likely|sufficient}cause to {arrest|apprehend|detain|jail} you. Probable cause {means|implies|indicates|suggests} {more likely|most likely|sufficiently likely|adequately likely}|sufficiently likely|adequately likely}} than an offense {has|has actually} been {committed|occurring|happening}. An example of {probable|likely|sufficient} cause would be {speeding|crossing traffic lanes|anty traffic offense} or {failed|refusing} field sobriety test( s) or {admitting|confessing} to drinking alcohol. The legal requirements to {meet|satisfy|fulfill} this test are {very|extremely|really} low, so DPS {almost always|often|usually|generally} wins this {issue|problem|concern}.

3. Justification to Suspend Your License

{Finally|Lastly}, DPS {must|should|needs to} {prove|show} that the {driver|chauffeur|motorist} either {took a breath|breathed} or blood test and had a blood alcohol concentration of over.08 or the {driver|chauffeur|motorist} {refused to|chose not to} {take a breath|breathe} or blood test.

Legal Standard Favors DPS

Understand that{preponderance|sufficient|adequate} of the {evidence|proof} is {a very|an extremely|a really} low {standard|requirement} so DPS {often|frequently|typically} wins these hearings. In fact, in north Texas, DPS wins these hearings over 95% of the time. After the hearing, the ALJ will {issue|provide|release} {a final|a last}, appealable {decision|choice} and order. If the judge {finds|discovers} that DPS {has|has actually} {proven|shown} its case, the judge will {authorize|license} the suspension of the {individual|person}’s {driver|chauffeur|motorist}’s license.

Experienced DWI Lawyers Do Win Some Cases

It is {useless|pointless|a waste of time} for {inexperienced lawyers|untrained persons} to {attempt|try|appear for} ALR hearings, because they are VERY technical. On the other hand, experienced DWI {lawyers|attorneys|advocates} help the judge {find|discover} that DPS {has|has actually} not {proven|shown} its case, the {individual|person}’s {driver|chauffeur|motorist}’s license will not be suspended.

Administrative License Suspension {Periods|Durations}.

If your license {has|has actually} been suspended because of a DWI arrest, you {only|just} have 15 days to {{request|demand|seek}|ask for} a hearing {contesting|objecting to} the license suspension.
Your license {may|might} be suspended if you {refuse to|choose not to} {provide|offer|supply} a specimen of your breath or blood for {a period|a duration} of 180 days, even if you are {completely|totally|entirely} innocent of {driving|operating} while {intoxicated|inebriated}.
If you {provide|offer|supply} a specimen above the legal limit of.08, your license will be suspended for no less than 90 days. The license suspension {varies|differs} {depending on|depending upon} if you have an operator’s license, a commercial license or chauffeur license.

License Suspension for Failing a Breath or Blood Test

Transportation Code 524.022 sets out the length of suspensions in cases where the {individual|private|specific} {failed|stopped working} the breath or blood test:
( 1) 90 days if the {person|individual}’s {driving|operating} record {shows|reveals} no alcohol-related or drug-related enforcement contact {during|throughout} the {10 years|Ten Years} preceding the date of the {person|individual}’s arrest; or
( 2) one year if the {person|individual}’s {driving|operating} record {shows|reveals} {one or more|several} alcohol-related or drug-related enforcement contacts {during|throughout} the {10 years|Ten Years} preceding the date of the {person|individual}’s arrest.

License Suspension for {Refusing|Declining} a Breath or Blood Test

Transportation Code 724.035 sets out the suspension {period|duration} for {refusal|rejection} cases.
( 1) suspend the {person|individual}’s license to {operate|run} {a motor vehicle|an automobile} on a public highway for 180 days; or
( 2) if the {person|individual} is {a resident|a local|a citizen|a homeowner} without a license, {issue|provide|release} an order {denying|rejecting} the issuance of a license to the {person|individual} for 180 days.
( b) The {period|duration} of suspension or {denial|rejection} is {two|2} years if the {person|individual}’s {driving|operating} record {shows|reveals} {one or more|several} alcohol-related or drug-related enforcement contacts, as {defined|specified} by {Section|Area} 524.001( 3), {during|throughout} the {10 years|Ten Years} preceding the date of the {person|individual}’s arrest.

{How long|For how long|The length of time} does it {take to|require to} get an ALR hearing?

{Once|When|As soon as} your {attorney|lawyer|legal representative} {{request|demand|seek}s|demands} the ALR hearing, it can take {four|4} weeks to 120 days for DPS to {schedule|arrange|set up} a hearing date. Your {attorney|lawyer|legal representative} will be {notified|informed|alerted} of this date, which is {typically|generally|usually|normally} {a few|a couple of} weeks to months from the date of the {notice|notification}.

ALR Hearings and License Suspensions

{Because|Since|Due to the fact that} of the {complexities|intricacies} {involved in|associated with} administrative license {revocations|cancellations} and license suspensions, it is {always|constantly} {better|much better} to {hire|employ|work with} {an attorney|a lawyer} to {handle|deal with|manage} these {issues|problems|concerns} for you. Your {attorney|lawyer|legal representative} will {{request|demand|seek}|ask for} the hearing, subpoena {arresting|apprehending|detaining|jailing} officer(s), prepare your defense, and argue your case for you.

How do I get my license back after the suspension {period|duration} in Texas?

After the suspension {period|duration} is over, you {may|might} {contact|call} your {local|regional} DPS {office|workplace} to have your license {reinstated|renewed|restored}. You will {be responsible for|be accountable for} paying a reinstatement {fee|charge|cost}, which is at least $125. Your {attorney|lawyer|legal representative} will {be able to|have the ability to} {confirm|verify|validate} your eligibility for reinstatement {before|prior to} you {go in|enter} by logging into the DPS {website|site}.

Can an ALR {decision|choice} be appealed?

Yes. You will be {forced|required} to pay {a fee|a charge|a cost} to appeal the underlying {decision|choice}, {but|however} you {may|might} appeal the ALR {decision|choice}. This {also|likewise} grants you more time to {drive|operate} on your license without the suspension {going into|entering into} {effect|impact|result}. {Unfortunately|Sadly|Regrettably}, the law is {very|extremely|really} {favorable|beneficial} to the administrative judge, so {very few|few} appeals {are successful|succeed|achieve success}.